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Linux.conf.au 2014

The year has just began, but there have been linux.conf.au, a conference with interesting talks. I like that one because a talk gave there make me have some interest for wayland a year ago.

Here's some talk I have liked:

  • a talk on DRI 3000 by Keith Packard: zero copy compositing, research to reality. I find it funny that when you hack Xorg you always have the historical code that make things hard to change ;
  • I really like Lennart Poettering, I think that guy have made things changed in the right way. From my point of view, Pulseaudio and systemd are two major projects (even if you always have grumpy people without any real argument against). In this video, he speaks about kdbus, a kerneland implementation of DBus. This looks like a future troll, but as he's saying in five years all major distributions will have it as a standard ;
  • talking of systemd, I have also liked this talk on the 6 stages of systemd ;
  • finally there were this talk of David Airlie on Virgil a virtual GPU. The talk material were not that great, the talk is very technical, but you may find it interesting anyway.