Hardening consulting


Some projects I'm contributing or working on.

Wayland / weston

RDP Compositor

I'm the author and official maintainer for the RDP compositor in weston. This headless compositor exports a wayland desktop through the RDP protocol. This post covers this subject in details.

Note that this compositor is also used by Jason Ekstrand's fullscreen shell.

There have been a lot of press activity around that when it has been released (see press section).

FreeRDS compositor

This project is quite similar to the RDP compositor, this time it's about having a weston desktop exported via FreeRDS. The FreeRds session manager can instanciate a weston desktop using the FreeRds backend. This can be used for testing wayland applications or having X11-less installations. A post gives more details about this project.


I'm a contributor on the FreeRDP project, I have:

  • done many security improvements in RDP packet decoding ;
  • pushed many patches to handle corner cases like failing memory allocations and such ;
  • Reworked the transport layer to have a cleaner design ;
  • and many others...


I'm part of the guys that did FreeRDS. I have been working on the server itself as well on external channels.

Projects involving Qt


It's a Qt platform plugin that allows to export application through RDP. With this plugin, you can take any Qt5 application and export it through RDP without any recompilation (there a limitation with apps using OpenGl).

This project is hosted on github. It is published under the Apache 2.0 license and I know that some commercial products are using it internally.


This project is not publicly available yet, it's the same kind of project than Qfreerdp but to publish the application through FreeRDS. You can comfortably develop and test your Qt5 application on your desktop. And when it's ready the binary can be used as-is for a publication through FreeRds.

The greeter (gui application asking for login / password) of FreeRDS in this video used that project:


We also have custom Qt5 widgets that can interact with the FreeRds server. These widgets can be dragged/drop directly in QtDesigner. For example, we have a mode switcher widget that allows to change the RDP resolution from the application.

As features will be added in FreeRds, we will add more widgets to lower the gap between a native application and a published one.