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The linux.conf.au conference

After the CCC, the LCA (Linux Conference Australia) is over. This year, the conference took place in New Zealand. Here's some talks I have liked:

  • A talk by Keith Packard on the advances with glamor. It's interesting and there's more than was presented at XDC 2014. So a nice update !
  • The keynote with Linus and others, which is essentialy a Q&A, but that's fine. Linus ofen pretend to be not as good as people expect him to be, and he likes to say he's a bad person. Anyway he's a charismatic person with strong ideas, so hearing him arging is always interesting. In this talk I have appreciated the remarks on "vocal minority" with systemd and complex programs that will remain complex even with documentation (some taste of lived situations in previous lifes);
  • I have liked too that talk on installing a debian for friends and family. Nothing exceptionnal or very new, but that's the kind of talk where you hear about neat tools that you didn't know;
  • I have also found interesting the presentation of David Airlie on MST (Multi Stream Transport) display support;
  • a nice talk on optimization of shaders in MESA;

It's only the one that have appreciated the most, if you want to make your own opinion, go and watch the corresponding youtube channel.