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Linux Conference Australia 2018

The LCA (inux Conference Australia) is one of my favorite conference, with talks of good technical level. Some years ago, it's a talk by Daniel Stone that lead me to start playing with Wayland.

A selection of my preferred talks:

  • The talk by Keith Packard on VR helmet in X, it was very interesting. A nice trip in the Xorg world;
  • I liked the talk of a sysadmin that started working remotely. I think I will take some of his advices;
  • also a very good presentation on the VC4 driver (rasperry-pi's GPU);
  • the talk on kernel security enhancement was interesting as it was listing some of the features that exist to harden the linux kernel;
  • the story of the meson build system was also fun, with the creator explaining the key events that make his project to be adopted;

All videos are available here.